Children complain when they need your help.

Why is your child a grumbler?

Children tend to copy behaviours of adults. This includes complaining. Things get really serious when complaining becomes their habit. It’s natural when a child complains about something you force them to do. Perhaps this is their way of showing you that your actions are actually an exaggerated interference in their free time or interests.

Your child complains because so do you

Perhaps you’re too much of a grumbler yourself and pass your pessimism onto your child? Children absorb the surrounding reality and eagerly copy behaviours of adults. If you infect them with an attitude that the world is a bad place, you will become guilty of your child’s misery.

Forcing things out

Children are very quick learners. They rapidly become aware of what they should do in order to get things they want. Their most popular methods are yelling, crying or whining. However, children often tend to exaggerate about their demands. Therefore, don’t let their whining manipulate you.

Expression of feelings

Many of us were brought up in a way that doesn’t allow to express anger, sadness and disappointment. In order to protect their children from such limitations, a lot of parents allow them to show disapproval at any time. However, they should also teach their children that constant complaining can make them become unbearable to others.


When a child is bored, complaining is their way to show disapproval. However, you should observe if this doesn’t repeat too often. If it does, this means that your child might be sick. In this case, you mustn’t ignore their complaints and take them to a doctor.

Things you should focus on

It’s obvious that even a saint would go insane from hearing constant whining. However, as an adult, you should mind your tongue. You can’t yell at your child. Don’t tell them that they’re driving you crazy. And most of all, don’t tell them that you’ve had enough of them.


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