online dating tips - If you dream of flying, the hot air balloon date can prove to be unforgettable

Dating in the air, a magical balloon flight

It would seem that a balloon flight is nothing extraordinary. But everyone who has tried this in the past will not agree with this statement. A balloon flight is an experience in itself. This is a very unusual and romantic journey full of great emotions. Watching the landscapes, the sunrise or sunset, embracing the wind in your hair - this is an unforgettable experience. That's why a date in a hot air balloon is one of the nicest ways to spend time together. Read on to find some unique dating ideas.

A word about the balloon

Balloons are the oldest non-motorised aircrafts. A special gas that is lighter than air fills the baloon material and causes it to rise it in the air.

Charming in the case of the balloon is that you can only control it in two directions – up and down. The rest depends on the will of the wind. So basically we cannot say where exactly we will land. Hence - a trip in a balloon is a double adventure.

Before and after the balloon flight

The balloon flight itself lasts, as a rule, about an hour. However, you need set aside more time, about 3 or even 4 hours. This is because you will be involved in the whole ritual associated with the constructing and filling of the balloon, which lasts about an hour. Later, you also participate in the folding of the balloon (another hour). And finally - you still have to get back to the starting place, which can take some time, because you never know exactly where you will land.

Is such a date safe?

As the owners of the companies who organise scenic balloon flights say, it is one of the safest forms of travel. Of course, it is worth checking to see if the company you want to use has the appropriate certificates.

It's good to know that a balloon pilot who profits from baloon flights can only fly when he has a lot of experience behind him - dozens of take-offs and landings and a specialised exam. So – you  are in good hands.


Author: Bien Magazine

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