online dating tips, during the date it is not wise to tell fabricated stories

Don’t lie on a date because it will all come out

From the beginning of time human beings created stories and they listened to them happily. Those were the stories about heroes, certain people, about courage, sacrifice, big love and amazing achievements. Just how much of it was true we will never know. One thing we do know for sure is that many of those stories were made very colorful.

This is pure human nature – the person wants to show themselves and their life events in a better light. I’m sure even you happily talk about yourself more elaborately than what is reality. This is not a vice, every person would rather see themselves in better light – this was checked by scientists. Bien Magazine looks into this matter.

An heir to family fortune – student in rented apartment

If you are planning to make yourself appear better on a first date, we suggest you do it carefully. If you wear an amazing outfit and arrive to the restaurant in hired limo, your date may be under the impression that you are very wealthy. He will definitely feel great when he realises that such a rich, unique person like you wanted to go out with him. The problem is if you are a low key student, living in a shabby, rented flat and works tirelessly two jobs to cover the cost of the university and rent, maybe you shouldn’t tell your partner during your date about your family fortune. It is not advisable to tell visions about unimaginable wealth, many holiday houses across the globe and your close contacts with the famous of this world.

A lie has no legs

Even if you think there will be no second date and you can present yourself as an heir to a family fortune, you have to understand the consequences. Fortune is fickle and may trick you. The wicked world will cause the newly met guy to pop in to the coffee shop where you work the second shift. Or God forbid you clean the floors in. This would be a disgrace! How will you explain to him you job role in the coffee shop? You can count on the newly met buddy to tell everyone he knows that you are a liar. This could be a social seppuku.

On the other hand – if there are other dates and your partner believes in your wealth, you can be unpleasantly surprised when he happily moves a very high bill your way from the very exclusive restaurant you just dined in. After all riches of this world do not eat at fast food outlets!

Say it how it is or play with the imagination

During your date you have many alternatives as to what to say, we will choose the two basic ones. You will either talk about yourself honestly, not hiding anything, because you are not ashamed of yourself and your life even if you aren’t a fortune heir. Or you can ask your partner if he would like to know the truth or would he prefer an alternative version of your reality. Then you can both tell the most bizarre stories about yourselves and the date will become an amusing adventure and a flirt. If both of you choose such a game, it is not impossible that you will find the common ground faster because you will discover in yourselves people with fantasy and a sense of humour.


Author: Bien Magazine

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