Woman’s body language is still black magic to many men.

How to decipher a woman’s body language?

Women use body language much more often than men. However, whenever guys don’t react to these signals, ladies are feeling both disappointed and hurt. They think that men are indifferent towards them and that’s very often not true. The problem is that men are usually completely blind to non-verbal signals, whereas other women would perfectly understand them.

In order to help out our male readers, we’ve decided to write about some of the most basic signals women send through their body language.

Woman’s body language - hair

Focus on what a woman sitting in front of you is doing with her hair. When she touches them a lot or curls them around her finger while talking to you, this means that she likes you. Strange? Perhaps it is. However, for her, this is a very simple, as well as a clear message.

Woman’s body language - mouth

Experts have proven that a woman who suggestively, yet delicately, licks or sensually bites her lips, has interest in you. The same thing goes for a situation in which she discretely puts her lipstick on during the conversation. However, be careful! Don’t confuse this signal with a situation in which the both of you are in a hurry for a business meeting and she’s just rapidly correcting her makeup.

Woman’s body language - neck

The neck is an erogenous zone of many women. When you notice that a woman who you’re speaking with or looking at delicately rubs her neck or suggestively uncovers it by turning her head, this is a clear signal for you. Don’t hesitate – she wants something more!

Woman’s body language - ears

You should also focus on her ears, as well as earrings. Look if she touches them. If she does, there are two options. The first one is that she’s interested in you, but apart from touching her ears or playing with her earrings, she has to have her wrists pointed towards you. If they’re pointed towards her, this means you should stay away.

Woman’s body language - glance

When you’re feeling someone watching you, but stops doing that with a seemingly innocent face whenever you look at her, this is a good sign. This is a way women suggest a man, who they find attractive, to approach them and start a conversation.


Author: Bien Magazine

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