Our household cleaning tips on living well and cleaning with allergies

How to clean a room? - allergies

The amount of allergy sufferers is growing at an astonishing rate, although it is often very difficult to determine what someone is allergic to and how to deal with their allergy. One of the more severe and difficult to fight allergens is dust - unfortunately, a daily guest in every home. Nevertheless, there are some ways to help allergy sufferers and make their life easier by following our tips on household cleaning.

Rule one - you have to clean and dust their room for them. Rule number two, you have to do it often. And the third rule - this should be done effectively. How? We explain below.

Remove everything that catches dust

While we cannot get rid of dust and dust mites completely, we can reduce the amount in the room. First of all, you have to take down all curtains, nets, remove carpets and rugs because they - above all - are places where the dust accumulates with great ease.

You should also get rid of blankets, bedspreads, unnecessary ornaments and dried flowers.

Bad news for children - stuffed animals are perfect for absorbing dust, so they become enemies of allergy sufferers. Of course, plush toys can be washed regularly and kept in closed cupboards or boxes. You have to take care for them not to become dusty.

Regularly change the bedding

Basics - allergy sufferers must sleep in regularly laundered bed sheets. Laundry needs to be done every 5-10 days (you can use chemicals that get rid of mites), and if possible air all your linen daily. Cold air is the enemy of mites.

Wash your floors as often as possible

Wipe the floor with a wet mop every day, as this will reduce the spread of dust and dust mites. Use water with a mild detergent for this purpose.

Clean when the person with allergies is out

And the last thing, very trivial, but key. Only do house cleaning when the poor allergy sufferer is out of the house. It is hard to imagine what kind of torture they might be going through if asked to participate in the process of perfecting their room!

Also remember to clean while the windows are open and ventilate the room well afterwards.


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