Online magazines UK - Every new skill creates excitement in a child, so let them act and sometimes be naughty

Children are learning, while being mischievous

There used to be a clear separation between nice and naughty children. The nice children would sit in one place, nearly not moving, listened to adults and did nothing on their own initiative. The naughty ones ran around, caused mischief, played and did everything to disturb the tired adults. This is, unfortunately, how people once understood their behaviour. Fortunately, the world has changed, researchers have learned a lot about childrens’ psyche and we now know that the child learns through action. In this way, it develops best. So - Bien Magazine explores the naughty rule!

Children do not cease in discoveries

How many times have you happened to see the following scene - the mother constantly, over and over again telling her child off for running around, looking in every corner of the room (a situation known from a shop, doctors waiting room and similar places where there is much to explore and see). A child can do an incredible amount of activities that will seem pointless to adults. The child will take off and put on their shoes, jump from tile to tile on the floor, squat, run around the pole - this way they get to know the world. And, what is unique, children very rarely pay any attention to the annoying remarks of the parents. It is fortunate that they ignore them, because they have the whole world around them to get to know and study. How else would they learn?

Child-discoverer is not malicious

This is an over-interpretation of adults who attribute their own intentions to the children who are purely interested in the world. The child is not trying to make their parents angry by running the same route round the house for the thousandth time. They investigate how their body behaves, whether their head is spinning, or if the world has changed during the course of their run. And if so - how.

Even if what the baby does will cause the parent to almost have a heart attack (for example, cover the cat with shaving foam, because the cat, like their daddy, has a fur, so probably - like their dad - would like to get rid of it), they must forgive them, becasue they are constantly learning about the world.

You have to let it act

Children have to act and do things, otherwise they will not be able to develop properly. That is why - they have to be allowed to do a variety of experiments, of course, by observing them carefully and taking care of their safety. And here comes the real test for parents. How much patience will they find for their child? How much will they be able to forgive? But when you remember that the toddler has very small hands and feet and that many things are just like black magic for them, one can have enormous tolerance and forgive them for tripping up.

You have to remember not to extinguish their curiosity or limit them - and they will grow up to be a truly happy adult who is not afraid to find their own path.


Author: Bien Magazine

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